Easter 2010

Its been a really long time since i have posted anything on my blog but i have to say my cake business has been keeping me very very busy! so i decided today i would just post a cute little Easter pic of my husband and I! I loved our orange and pink matching Easter outfits! Even though while shopping for these adorable outfits Scott proceeded to tell me that "Jesus doesn't care what we look like on Easter" oh how much he has to learn! Jesus may not care but your wife does so shut-it and pick a shirt! and oh what a steal,...his shirt was $12 and my dress was $15! Thank you Jesus for Old Navy sales! Just turn your head to the side to see it because for the life of me i cant get it turned around!!! ugh!!!

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Abbi said...

Great pic!
love me some oldnavy girl!!

Carrie said...

Stop, $15?! Y'all look so cute.

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